Monday, 31 March 2014

Movie Mondays: Thor: A dark world.

Because I love my mum to bits, I arrived home on Friday with a new movie sitting on our table. You guessed it. THOR. *insert my beaming face here*
Cause lego is just amazing

I have wanted to see this movie for ages but since none of my family are big marvel fans, I thought I'd have to see it at a friends house. But NO! I got to see it on Friday night. I loved it. Then again I love all marvel movies so...

I especially like how they made avengers references. So I was smiling like an idiot when ever a reference was made and the rest of my family would just look at me like I was crazy, which I could be. But when the movie finished, mum suggested that we should buy avengers and my mind was just screaming 'YES! SUCCESS! I HAVE TURNED MY FAMILY NERDY!' But on the outside, of course, I just said, "Yes, I think that would be awesome."

And, I have to admit, Loki is now rivalling Iron Man for my favourite marvel character. Which is pretty hard but there was about 10 minutes around the middle of the movie where I just couldn't stop laughing because of Loki. Just. I died for a minute from hilarity.

This picture is just perfect in so many ways. XD
I recommend watching this to anyone who enjoyed the other marvel movies, even though you probably have. And for people who haven't seen the others, watch avengers before this and every other marvel movie before that. Just kidding. Watch Avengers and maybe the first Thor might be helpful.

Happy Movie Mondays.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Movie Monday (late on a Tuesday night): Divergent

NOOO! I am sooooooo sorry. I missed Movie Monday. I can't believe it.

You're all probably thinking that I'm just a beginner blogger that will blog for a little while and get tired of it. And I'll admit, yes, I haven't been uploading as often as I did when I started. But I still love blogging and I simply haven't had the time in between homework and assignments and studying and friend commitments (were writing a book together) It honestly just slipped my mind yesterday. 

But I still have something I can give you. I hope to review this soon. But I haven't seen it yet but REALLY want to. 

Sorry. I just had to add this picture. I mean just look at it. I usually don't fangirl over guys but... Damn.

The divergent movie was released in Australia last Friday. I really wanted to see it opening weekend but I had a ton of homework and assignments to do. So I didn't leave the house. But I hope to see it soon and from what I've heard, it's pretty good.  

But anyway. I read the books and I LOVE them so I hope the movie lives up to my expectations. (but the books will forever be amazing).

Either way again I'm sorry and I know that this really isn't sufficient. But I'll hopefully have a post up later thus week. Maybe about this book my friends and I are writing.

If you've seen the movie, tell me what you thought of it below! 

I'm off to bed now.

Happy (Movie Monday really late on a) Tuesday.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


I really need to come up with an opening line...

Anyways, I was on Pintrest recently and I was stuck on ideas for a blog post, so this happened. Pintrest meet Blogger. Blogger, Pintrest.

I haven't been on Pintrest long and I absolutely love it. I think I like it so much because I can collect everything I like about something to one 'board' and reference it at any moment (when I have internet) and most of the stuff is completely nerdy and fangirlish so it's kind of my guilty pleasure. 

Now I feel like I'm spilling some deep dark secret.

But I really just wanted to share some of my favourite pins with you...It also gives me an excuse to go on Pintrest. (*insert evil laugh here*)

I should warn you, a lot of these will be nerdy. Sorry.

That's just a little taste of how I spend my free time.

You can follow my Pintrest HERE

Happy Thursday.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

I swear, I'm not becoming slack. I promise.

I have had a little bit of writers block and I have exams coming up and between homework and study, I haven't had much time to write blog posts, or to read or watch anything to write about. So I'm afraid there won't be a Movie Monday tomorrow. Partly because of study and partly because I've been having a Harry Potter marathon and birthday party with friends and haven't been able to write a post.

I'm sorry I haven't written in ages, I need to sit down and write a few posts and get on top of things but I will try to write more. 

Happy Sunday.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Movie Mondays: Frozen

A/N: I think I just need to point out that all of my Movie Mondays are going to contain spoilers. Instead of me saying spoilers at the start of each post, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I LOVE animated films. I would simply say I love Disney but that it leaving out a few good movies so I'll stick with animation. Anyway. Frozen is a Disney film and it's probably second on my favourite movie, a close second to EPIC.

But I have only seen it once, and I was wondering (yes it's another question everything post), did Anna ever find out that she knew about Elsa's powers when she was little and that's how she got the streak in her hair?

And did she ever find out that Kristoff found the goblins and that he knew that they could help her because he was there the first time her father took her?

Either way. I love this movie and I just can't describe it because it's that amazing (or I'm just sick and can't make a full sentence.)

Happy Movie Monday.

Friday, 7 March 2014

It's Friday!

As a student, nothing beats the feeling of coming home on a Friday afternoon, knowing that you can sleep in the next morning. Oh such bliss.

So weekly round up.

Maths test...WIN!
I got my maths test results back on Monday. 88%. WIN! Technically I came 3rd, but we're kind of saying I came 2nd cause the guy who came first recently moved up to Year 11 extension Maths (Yeah, he's that smart) and isn't part of our class any more. But that guy is my friend, so I don't really care, and one of my other friends came second. So it's a win win for everyone.

Cute little Year 6's and major musical fun.
On Tuesday, our school had their first open day for next year's Year 7. Each faculty had to put on a small presentation sort of thing, so show off their faculty to the kids. I was part of the music and drama presentation so guess what, I'll give you a clue, it's musical related. Well, if you didn't get it, we had a musical rehearsal for our presentation. The open day started at 5:30 so I stayed back with a few friends from 2:30 to 5:30 running through scenes and generally having fun then a few more people arrived and we ran through more scenes for the kiddies. I had a very sore throat and was extremely tired by the end of it. 6:30 to 8:30 non-stop days are not my thing.

We FINALLY got our scripts!
Yes, I know, I'm slightly musical obsessed at the moment but it's taking up a large portion of my life at the moment so I don't have much to talk about. Anyway, we finally got our scripts on Wednesday, thanks to an amazing deputy principal and a fabulous Office Lady. I have gone through the entire script. (101 pages in total) and highlighted, written notes and I'm surprised it's not a mess yet, although I do treat it like it's my musical bible, which it kind of is.

I finally got to go to sport this week. And just my luck, it was cold. 
Since musical rehearsals have started, I haven't been able to go to sport in about 4 weeks. I do swimming for sport and it was miserable. It was grey and cloudy and it started to rain. But, despite all that, the water was warm (ish) and we had fun. Since most of my friends are in the musical, some were at rehearsals so there was only 3 of us and one of them was sick and didn't swim but hey, it was still fun.

Goodbye, but only for a little while.
Today was the last day for my Year Advisor and Japanese teacher. But only until next year. She's having a baby! And she still won't tell us if it is a boy or a girl so we have to wait for another month.It is sad to see her go and I wish she could come back sooner, but I'm really happy for her and she's coming back to watch our musical. So I'll see her around.

So there's my week. In a nutshell.

Sorry, I'm just posting bring stuff, I just haven't had any interesting stuff happening to write a full blog post about. If you've got suggestions. Fire away.

Happy Friday!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Movie Monday: Camp Takota.

A/N: I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum but I'm sorry if I slip something out.

If you are not aware, I love my YouTube. You could say I'm a little obsessed but who isn't? Right? But, back on topic, when I heard that 3 of my favourite YouTubers we're making a full length movie. I... You can't grasp how excited I was.

Camp Takota is a full length film featuring YouTube stars, Grace Helbieg, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. It follows the story of Elise (played by Grace) who is a successful woman who works for a major publishing company. Then... it all falls to bits. She loses her job, her fiancée is cheating on her and, she doesn't get the book deal. (Watch the movie to see what I mean) S how does she deal with all this? By going back to camp, of course.

She takes up a job as cam counsellor at her old summer camp, Camp Takota. She arrives to find her old camp friends, Maxine and Allison (Mamrie and Hannah) are still at camp. Maxine works as a counsellor and Allison as camp cook. Elise tries to get her life back in order but then the camp is put in danger. Where do her loyalties lie? At Camp Takota or back in the city?

This is one of those movies where you laugh, and cry, and facepalm, and scream at the screen and it's an amazing film. I was waiting for this movie for ages and I was ecstatic when it came out so I could be a bit biased on how amazing it is. But I've watched it again and I still find it amazing

Happy Movie Monday!

Buy the movie and other cool stuff here:

The amazing people who made this movie:
Grace Helbieg:

Hannah Hart:

Mamrie Hart: