Sunday, 13 July 2014

Musical Theatre and a bit of Team Starkid

I haven't really expressed my love for Starkid on my blog before. To be honest, it's kind of been my secret obsession for a while. I'm really the only one of my friends that loves musical theatre. I know we did a musical, and they enjoyed it. But I think they enjoyed the experience of it more, the acting and singing and being on stage. And I love it too. I love performing, no matter how nerve racking it is. If there's one thing I learnt from being a part of the musical, it's that I can do it. I managed to perform in from of an audience of over 100 people, 3 times. Actually, I saw family friends yesterday and my mum took down the program to show them and they were looking at it and the mother of the family turned to me and said, "Since when was this you? Since when did you get on stage and sing in front of people?" And it was then that I realised how much I've changed in the past 6 months. The last time I saw this family was around Christmas and they were shocked to hear about me performing. I'm still quite shy, I still don't like public speaking or talking to new people. But I love the feeling I get when I'm performing on stage. It's weird how much of a drama kid I'm sounding like right now. I chose music as one of my subjects for my senior years and therefore HSC, and I'm really glad I did now. But, as my original point was, my friends liked the idea of performing, but I love the story. And the music behind the story. I love the way songs can tell a story, they can push a plot along. I just think that it's amazing. The same goes for lyrical songs. They tell a story. Just, agh! There have to be other people who feel the same way. Right?

But enough of my spiel about musical theatre, my original idea for this post was Starkid.

Team Starkid, also known and Starkid Potter or Starkid Productions, are an amazing theatre company comprised of actors, writers, directors, choreographers, designers, everything! What I love about these guys is, beside them being totally awesome (hoping someone will get the reference), is that they've done it all by themselves. Sure they've probably had help along the way, but, in reality, Starkid is a group of college friends that have made a career out of what they love. It gives me hope to think that I can make my own future. But I can only hope that I'll meet a group of people that would want to do that with me.

At the moment, the musicals I have watched are A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Starship and Twisted, I've seen the start of A Very Potter Senior Year and snippets of the others but I love all of them. As I write this I am watching their LeakyCon London performance on the other half of my screen.

They are an amazing group of performers and I aspire (Haha, School motto) to accomplish anything near what they have. I can't recoomend them enough. I'm sure they've created something that you'll like, Harry Potter, Disney, Sci-fi and they're currently performing a Star Wars show, which will uploaded once it's been performed and edited.

You can see all of Starkid's productions on their YouTube channel here.

Stay "Totally Awesome!"

Happy Sunday.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Reviewsday Tuesday: Popular, a memoir

I just want to say. Maya. If you're reading this but you probably aren't and that's okay. You're book is amazing. You inspire me in so many ways. It has a special place in my heart because you're book gives me hope. Thank you. 

So. To my actual readers. This. Book. Is. Brilliant! Other book reviews just aren't going to be as good now. I was telling my friends when I finished it that it was up there with Harry Potter. And it is! It's crazy! But HP and Popular are two VERY different books. 

Basically popular is the story of a girl, Maya, who finds a book written in the fifties on 'how to be popular' by Betty Cornwell. So, as a social experiment, she decides to put the advice from the book into her modern day life as an 8th grade, middle school student. 

This book really says a lot about modern day society and gives an honest insight on the way a teenagers school life works. I can relate to Maya so much. The dorky kid with braces that doesn't talk to many people but has a few good friends. That's me. But I got my braces off so that's one difference. But one thing I don't have that Maya does, is guts. She may not have been the most confident person to start with but she did it. She didn't let what people thought of her get to her. Or maybe she did. But it didn't stop her. I admire her for her guts. Because she's the person I aspire to be. The gutsy, confident, dorky, geek. I think I have the dorky geek part down pat, I'm still working on the gutsy confident part though. 

Overall, I loved this book. I recommend it to pretty much any girl whose in high school. And I mean Australian high school. 7-12. It's a beautiful book. I really loved it. 

Happy Reviewsday Tuesday. 

You guys are amazing.

Although you may be few in numbers. I'm fairly sure I have a few readers that come back to read my posts. And it's to those people. And any one else who's reading this that I apologise to and also say thank you too. You may not have cared that I haven't posted but I didn't get angry comments and I'm hoping you'll be reading this. But basically, here's a short summary of why I have been absent from my general blogging tendencies.

1. The main one. One of my friends was in a coma for 4 days. To say I was worried was an understatement. They're getting better though. They're going okay. 

2. I have to go get X-rays on my back soon as I have slight scoliosis and my hips aren't aligned. I had a doctors appointment Tuesday so I've been freaking out over that a bit. 

3. My Internet hasn't been working. It only seems to work from 8am to 9pm. And even then it's temperamental. So with me being out during the day. It hasn't left much time for me to write. 

4. It's school holidays and I've been lazy. I had a stressful term but I ended it on a high with an awesome report so I've kind of slacked off a bit just relaxing before schools goes back. Lots of reading and piano time. 

5. I also have two assignments due first week back. And as I said earlier I've been slacking off a bit so yeah. That's getting a bit stressful. 

But I've been writing a few posts. I have a few Reviewsday Tuesday's lined up and I will definitely be back into the swing of things when school goes back. Hopefully...

Happy Thursday. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tough Times

It only recently occurred to me that I haven't posted in ages. I'm really sorry. And now would usually be the time where I promise I'll have one up soon. But I can't promise that. I'm going through a lot of stuff at the moment and life has been tough. I hope you can understand. Stay amazing guys.

Happy Saturday.