Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Reviewsday Tuesday: The week that was...

I know I usually do book reviews, maybe movie reviews. But today I'm reviewing last week. Because just LOOK!!


I'm not going to say it went perfectly, because I would be lying. But overall, we did an awesome job. We've become so close over the past semester working on the musical and I've made lots of new friends. Now the task is to say hi to the cast whenever we walk past them.

Although that doesn't happen with CAPA students. No, we go over the top. For instance, the boy who played my son, Randolph, in the musical walked past and I yelled "Randolph" at him, he just just "Mum!" Right back. That's how CAPA students roll guys...

I'm so proud of everyone involved, we pulled it off in just under a semester and everyone who saw it said it was awesome and everyone who didn't see it missed out. It is an amazing show. It has big chorus numbers with some really catchy tunes that we're still singing now. Which is surprising. You think we'd be over it by now. Right? NOPE! But it was amazing, it's an amazing musical and yeah. I seem to be saying amazing a lot.

The cast is seriously amazing, despite a lot of stress and people not listening and everyone getting on people's nerves, everyone is amazing and I've made some good friends.

 LAST POINT! As a general finishing point, it was awesome and Thursday night, our closing night, I won't deny it, I got emotional. It had been a long night it was probably the toughest show we did. I was stressed, tired and it was over. We had done it a semester worth of rehearsals, mental breakdowns and general stress, we had done it, it was over. And I wasn't the only one, there were probably four of us. It was emotional.

Sorry for all the photos but I need to share the amazing-ness. There was also an article written about us, which you can see here-MORE PHOTOS.

Thanks for bearing with me the past, really 6 months, but the past two weeks.

Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Reviewsday Tuesday: The Fault in Our Stars.

(No spoilers today guys, at least, I don't think so)

In honour of the movie coming out last week, The Fault in Our Stars is getting reviewed.



If you're new here, you may not know, the Green brothers are amazing. Don't try to argue with me. You will lose.

Anyway. I read this book at the end of January (I think) because it had been on my to-read list for a while and I finally got up to it. (The list isn't getting much shorter though, no matter how much I read.)

At first, I was sceptical to read this book. I'm more a humor, action, mystery, romance or fantasy kind of gal. And I had heard that this book was sad, so I was umming and ahhing a bit before I read it. It is a sad book, I won't deny that. But it's also a beautiful piece of literature. John Green is an amazing writer on top of being an awesome human being. Anyway, back to the book.

As Shailene Woodley (who plays Hazel in the movie) once said; "It's the story about kids with cancer, but it's not about cancer." That sums up the book so well, it's weird. The Fault in Our Stars is the story of Hazel and Gus, two normal teenagers. Well, not entirely normal. Hazel is forced by her parents to go to a support group for teens with cancer, and one day, a boy shows up, he's being emotional support for another boy at the support group. Enter Augustus Waters.

They fall in love, yada yada. The end. Right? WRONG!

Well I'm getting into spoilers now. So for anyone who hasn't read it, read it and come back. If you've read it, read on. Or If you haven'y read it, avoid the paragraph and continue on to the end.


Okay, I think it's safe.

Gus's death. It's sad, but beautiful. And, I may have angry fangirls, but it wasn't what upset me the most. People die all the time. Wow, I sound heartless. But what upset me more was seeing him deteriorate as he became worse and worse. That was the hardest part about reading it for me. And the pre-funeral. Issac's speech. How can someone not feel something during that.
Now for the people avoiding spoilers.

Overall, This book is amazing. It's high up on my favourite books list. The movie is also beautiful.

Happy Reviewsday Tuesday.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Creepy Stalker Ex-Girlfriend.

I mentioned in a previous post that a downside of my trip to Charlestown was a creepy stalker ex-girlfriend. So I am going to share a story.


Once upon a time. There was a girl named Grace. Who travelled a great distance too meet people from a foreign land. 

Okay. I don't think I can keep this up of much longer. 

Basically I went bowling with people I've never met before. And once we arrived, we could find the people were were supposed to be meeting up with. So the friend joining us all together (now known as Panda) was looking around for them. He spotted someone he knew and went to go ask her. This turned out to e his ex. (Aka. CSEG) (btw. Panda is dating one of my best friends now. Although she couldn't make it.) 

So we went bowling and CSEG was trying to talk to him and was, quite literally, all over him. Desperate was an understatement. She even ditched the friend she came with for us when we got there apparently. She was not popular with her after that...

So that was just annoying. But not that creepy stalker like. Now comes the creepy part. 

At recess on Tuesday, Panda was getting calls from a private number who we suspected was CSEG. After a few calls. Panda answered the phone, came back into the music rooms where we sit and told us (quietly) that CSEG had said that she was at the back gates of our school, wanting to talk to Daniel. 

Yep. I'm not lying. This actually happened. 

We thought she might've been lying. Or we hoped that she had left already so a little bit later we walked out the back to where she said she was and looked for her. We couldn't find her so we hoped that she had left. 

That was until we got to maths and Panda pointed her out walking away from the school. She was actually there. It was creepy to say the least. Again we hoped she was leaving for good. 

Then at lunch he got more calls. He told her that he would be walking out the front that afternoon to avoid her when we were all walking out the back. 

That afternoon, we were waiting to get picks up or for buses or whatever we were doing when he got yet another call. This time he had enough an went to go talk to her. I left before he came back but I hear that there were words exchanged in a loud manner. And I don't blame him. 

So what I find the oddest thing about this is, and it may just be me because I need think of skipping class, let alone school. But what must've run through her head to think; "I'm going to skip school today, catch a train down to my ex-boyfriends new suburb and wait outside his school until he talks to me." I'm sorry, but I don't think that's normal. Just. What?! I'm still just confused over what she thought she would gain from this little field trip. But yeah. That was interesting.

Now I've done 3 posts in a week. And 2 of them were actually proper ones. What's going on?!?!

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


I am a worrier. And I over analyse. And over think and generally just freak out.

So I did something random. Under planned. Slightly rebellious. Something I wouldn't have done normally. 

I went out with friends...


(Getting it out of the way, I'm a weird child. I have rather overprotective parents and don't get out much. Don't judge.)

Okay. So that's pretty much is all I did, but what makes this special is that I caught a train down to Newcastle. (30 min train ride.) Then caught a bus to Charlestown to watch a movie with friends of a friend. People I had only talked to over message for less than a week. 

Starting off, the train was good. We were there in time and there were 5 if us catching it so we were all set. The problem arose when we caught the bus. We caught the right bus. It terminated in Charlestown. But that was the problem. It terminated in Charlestown. Meaning that it went everywhere before Charlestown. Lets just say we ended up being an hour late meeting up with people. 

So it took us a little while to find the Newcastle friends so by the time we had lunch, we decided that we would miss the movie and go bowling then wander around for a bit. So we went bowling! I came second! Then we wandered for a bit. I bought a birthday present for mum and then my friends mum picked us up. 

You may be thinking, why was she stressed out? Well mainly, we were meeting up with people I've never met before. And I was a bit nervous because they were guys. And I knew they wouldn't be horrible because I had talked to them over message and they were friends with my friends so they couldn't be that bad but I was still nervous. 

I had a good day though. There were downsides. (Creepy stalker ex girlfriend) But than can be a separate post. 

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

AGH! It's Tuesday....

Alas. School is being sucky. 

It's Tuesday. I had Maths Enrichment, our musical opens is 14 days. Friends are having issues. And I am supposed to do a review. Sorry. Nope. Not gonna happen. 

If it seems like I've forgotten about this blog, I promise. I haven't. But maths is proving to be a little bit difficult at the moment so I'm falling behind and I really have to be getting ahead because the musical is in two weeks and I'm going to be missing out on nearly a week of school. 

Plus friends are being an issue and then slight family stuff so I'm sorry. I'm just a little bit stressed out right now. I have three weeks until holidays and then I should be back on track. I'm so sorry guys. Three weeks and I should be back to normal.

Just stress. 


Happy Tuesday.