Thursday, 10 July 2014

You guys are amazing.

Although you may be few in numbers. I'm fairly sure I have a few readers that come back to read my posts. And it's to those people. And any one else who's reading this that I apologise to and also say thank you too. You may not have cared that I haven't posted but I didn't get angry comments and I'm hoping you'll be reading this. But basically, here's a short summary of why I have been absent from my general blogging tendencies.

1. The main one. One of my friends was in a coma for 4 days. To say I was worried was an understatement. They're getting better though. They're going okay. 

2. I have to go get X-rays on my back soon as I have slight scoliosis and my hips aren't aligned. I had a doctors appointment Tuesday so I've been freaking out over that a bit. 

3. My Internet hasn't been working. It only seems to work from 8am to 9pm. And even then it's temperamental. So with me being out during the day. It hasn't left much time for me to write. 

4. It's school holidays and I've been lazy. I had a stressful term but I ended it on a high with an awesome report so I've kind of slacked off a bit just relaxing before schools goes back. Lots of reading and piano time. 

5. I also have two assignments due first week back. And as I said earlier I've been slacking off a bit so yeah. That's getting a bit stressful. 

But I've been writing a few posts. I have a few Reviewsday Tuesday's lined up and I will definitely be back into the swing of things when school goes back. Hopefully...

Happy Thursday. 

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