Thursday, 10 July 2014

Reviewsday Tuesday: Popular, a memoir

I just want to say. Maya. If you're reading this but you probably aren't and that's okay. You're book is amazing. You inspire me in so many ways. It has a special place in my heart because you're book gives me hope. Thank you. 

So. To my actual readers. This. Book. Is. Brilliant! Other book reviews just aren't going to be as good now. I was telling my friends when I finished it that it was up there with Harry Potter. And it is! It's crazy! But HP and Popular are two VERY different books. 

Basically popular is the story of a girl, Maya, who finds a book written in the fifties on 'how to be popular' by Betty Cornwell. So, as a social experiment, she decides to put the advice from the book into her modern day life as an 8th grade, middle school student. 

This book really says a lot about modern day society and gives an honest insight on the way a teenagers school life works. I can relate to Maya so much. The dorky kid with braces that doesn't talk to many people but has a few good friends. That's me. But I got my braces off so that's one difference. But one thing I don't have that Maya does, is guts. She may not have been the most confident person to start with but she did it. She didn't let what people thought of her get to her. Or maybe she did. But it didn't stop her. I admire her for her guts. Because she's the person I aspire to be. The gutsy, confident, dorky, geek. I think I have the dorky geek part down pat, I'm still working on the gutsy confident part though. 

Overall, I loved this book. I recommend it to pretty much any girl whose in high school. And I mean Australian high school. 7-12. It's a beautiful book. I really loved it. 

Happy Reviewsday Tuesday. 

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